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At the heart of the Arab housing and community development is a commitment to leveraging innovation and technology to drive positive transformations in in urban living and infrastructure and increase the quality of life. Governments across the region are readily investing in their infrastructure aiming to develop cities that are not only more advanced, but also more sustainable and efficient in their operations, while promoting inclusive and equitable community growth strategies that has become increasingly imperative.

From advancements in technology to the changing landscape of market dynamics, the housing and community development sector in the region is witnessing a diverse array of trends which bring forth opportunities, including better urban mobility, quality of public spaces, and housing accessibility. However, the sector also faces some key challenges, including the escalating risks posed by climate change, evolving demographic patterns, and the need for sustainable development practices amidst rapid urbanization.

The 2nd Arab Housing and Community Development Forum serves as a pivotal platform focusing on fostering sustainable and innovative approaches and solutions in architecture and construction techniques to create more vibrant, inclusive, and sustainable communities across the Arab region. By highlighting best practices and success stories the event serves as a pivotal platform for fostering partnerships between governmental agencies, private sector entities, and international organizations to advance collective efforts in addressing housing challenges and designing urban cities for tomorrow.

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Conference Speakers

Yahya Alhassan Siraj

Chief Project Development Officer

National Housing Company (NHC)

Dr. Hossam Samir Ibrahim

Head of Municipality Master & Urban Planning

Ministry of Municipality – Qatar

Qasim Al Harasi

Head of Planning

Ministry of Housing & Urban Planning – Oman

Faiek Haddadin

Senior Director Projects


Darryl Custer

Managing Director

Design Division, KEO International Consultants

Budoor Bukhari

Associate Director

Urban Planning, Public Investment Fund (PIF) 

Sahul Hameed

Chief Sustainability Officer

Bin Dasmal Group

Ahmed Elbanawy

Associate Director of Development


Mohammed Al Hashimi

Director of Projects

Wasl Group

Sayed Habib




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in shaping the evolving trends in housing and community development in the Arab World.


about the latest regulatory changes, government policies, and incentives impacting the housing market in the region

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showcasing best practices, innovative strategies, cutting-edge design concepts and sustainable new building technologies and inspire your own projects.

Connect with key decision makers

and professionals like yourself who are at the forefront of the Arab housing and community development sector under one platform.

Explore new business opportunities

forge strategic alliances, and expand your professional network with potential collaborators, partners, and clients.

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